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Re: Unable to download mp3 files

Once again, my thanks for taking time with this. Going forward I guess 
I'll just have to use lynx to download these files. What follows is just 
a quick summary using w3m outside of emacs:

Using 'a' doesn't download the file. It simply downloads a raw html of 
the error message. I'm wondering if that's what @Katsumi-san got when he 
used the 'a' key-binding.

Using 'ENTER' again just downloads the error page.

Finally, my knowledge is extremely limited but I wonder if it is 
something specific to this particular site as I can download mp3's from 
another site with no problem. But then again, why is lynx able to 
download the files?

>On 2021-01-05 09:04, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
>> In [emacs-w3m:13737]
>> On Mon, 04 Jan 2021 18:20:34 -0500, Boruch Baum wrote:
>> > @Katsumi-san: are you able to download one of links using the 'a'
>> > key-binding in w3m outside of emacs?
>> Oh, I can do it!  So, what should be fixed/improved would probably
>> be emacs-w3m.  I vaguely guess that emacs-w3m causes an error when
>> trying to get the header information for a mp3 file using w3m just
>> before downloading.  Anyway I'll work on it when I have time.
>> Thanks.
>Quite welcome. I can't resist using the opportunity to suggest again
>merging my w3m-download feature. It would not just solve this particular
>problem, but also add many other download features, and it now has
>literally years of testing.
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