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Re: Call for info writers

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.04479]
>>>>>   Masatake YAMATO <jet@gyve.org> wrote:

> I said I'll write "@node Browsing Web Pages. " till this Saturday.
> But it is far from complete. Today and tomorrow I don't
> have time, so I'll post the patch(Japanese text) here.

Excellent!  That is getting closer to complete more than you
probably think.

I'm sorry for the late reply, I was busy for housekeeping and
making the New Year cards (you can see it in my home page
http://www.yamaoka.cc/ when the New Year comes :).

> I made following subsections for  @node Browsing Web Pages:

Thanks a lot.


> People who read Japanese, could you review these two subsections?
> * Basic operations::    最初に覚えること(FIXME:良いタイトルでない)
> * Moving in a page:: ページ内を飛びまわる


  最初に覚えること      = Things you should learn first
  何とかなるさ          ≒ You can do it, in fact, anyway
  とにかく動かしてみよう ≒ Go ahead, just try it


  ページ内を飛びまわる    = Moving from place to place in a page



> * Basic operations::    最初に覚えること(FIXME:良いタイトルでない)
> については、ロックは開放して、みなさんで修正を入れていって問題ないです。

了解。後で日本語と ascii の間に spc が入るようにさせていただきま
す (その際、少し「てにをは」をいじるかもしれません)。
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>