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Re: Release 1.5 ?

Katsumi Yamaoka writes:

 > Why we haven't been releasing it since 1.4.4 is that there are some
 > unresolved problems (Tsuchiya-san the chief maintainer said so).
 > But, IMHO, bugs are commonly inseparable from a highly complicated
 > program.  If anything, leaving a very old one as the latest release
 > will likely make people confused.

I would tend to agree.  At least I was very confused until I read the
above.  Some weeks ago I decided to switch to emacs-w3m and started to
learn it.  I of course started with 1.4.4.  Some things do not behave
as I expect.  Is it me who does not understand properly?  Or is the
version which is too old?  Is it safe to try the CVS version?  Hum, I
have never used CVS stuff, but OK, let us try it.  Some things are
identical, some things change.  Do I really use CVS correctly?  Ah,
the CVS version has changed again (after a few days).  Should I go
back to 1.4.4?  Mmh, I'll subscribe to the mailing list, maybe I'll
get some some clues...

Wouldn't it be best to at least explain the situation?  And perhaps it
could be possible to release some "best-stable-with-still-some-bugs"
1.4.x., and let the user decide (seems to me that stating what are
those unresolved problems/bugs would also be helpful).

(Cochaldo-san in Tsukuba :-)

PS: incidentally, at the http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/ page, the link
under 'ViewCVS' in "Source code access with ViewCVS is also
available", that is, the link http://cvs.namazu.org/emacs-w3m/, is not
reachable ("404 Not Found").

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