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Re: Call for info writers

These nodes still need to be written:

* Frequently Asked Questions::  There isn't always an answer
* Known Problems::              You can surely solve it
* Shimbun Library::             A tool for reading a web newspaper
* Mailing List::                Mailing list and submitting bug reports
* Emacs-w3m Functions::         Details of some emacs-w3m functions

* Using Tabs::                  This is the tab browser of fashion
* Selecting Buffers::           Choosing one from many sessions
* Downloading::                 Downloading a file

* Weather Information::         It will be fine tomorrow

* Viewing Perl Documents::      Viewing Perl Documents
* Using Namazu::                Searching files with Namazu
* Octet::                       Viewing data in various octal form

* General Options::             General options
* Image Options::               Options related to images
* Bookmark Options::            Options related to bookmarks
* Search Options::              Options related to searching the web
* Weather Options::             Options related to weather information
* Dtree Options::               Options related to the dtree feature
* Antenna Options::             Options related to antenna
* Perldoc Options::             Options related to perldoc
* Namazu Options::              Options related to namazu
* Octet Options::               Options related to the octet feature
* Other Options::               Other options

* Mew::                         Reading HTML mails in Mew
* SEMI MUAs::                   Reading HTML mails in SEMI MUAs

I don't use Mew, SEMI, Shimbun, Namazu, Perl, nor Octet, so these nodes
are out of the map for me.

The next nodes on my TODO list will therefore be Using Tabs, Selecting
Buffers and Downloading, unless someone wants them, as usual.  Looks
like my "finished before 2003" should be changed to "finished sometime
before 2004".  :)

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