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Re: Call for info writers

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.04533]
>>>>>	Romain FRANCOISE <romain@orebokech.com> wrote:

> These nodes still need to be written:


> I don't use Mew, SEMI, Shimbun, Namazu, Perl, nor Octet, so these nodes
> are out of the map for me.

If nobody raises, I'll nominate certain persons. :)

(That's just a joke, though.)

Descriptions only in Japanese are acceptable.  I can translate
them into funny English.  Well, though I can exactly write the
SEMI section, there are many well-qualified persons, aren't they?
日本語のみ可。ぼくは SEMI は書けるけど、いっぱい適任者いるよね?

> The next nodes on my TODO list will therefore be Using Tabs, Selecting
> Buffers and Downloading, unless someone wants them, as usual.

I really respect you!

> Looks
> like my "finished before 2003" should be changed to "finished sometime
> before 2004".  :)

Hehe.  I wish it became splendid documents.
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>