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Re: Shimbun Basics


> Okay, I will repeat it one last time: it has _not_ been invented
> before, since it does not serve the same purpose as RSS interfaces
> _at all_.

from the info node "shimbun library":

  "This section explains three typical `shimbun' applications (two of
  which are included in the `shimbun' library) and how to make
  `shimbun' modules by yourself (you need to be able to write Emacs
  Lisp programs).  All three applications make it possible to fetch
  continuously-updating information from web sites around the world
  and to read them as if you were reading mail messages."

that would be a very good description of RSS.

> And after all, if you want to have a "RSShimbun" so badly, why not
> do it yourself?  It's all Free Software.

i don't want RSSimbun badly, but i want a good news-tracker and a good
web-browser in text format.  currently the emacs-w3m developers make
my trusty emacs-w3m more and more bloated, and they are totally
unresponsive when i post problem reports about some core functionality
(the `&' -> `&' problem with POST URIs, for example).  i can
understand this:  they have a new pet project, but otoh i'm very new
to emacs and just can't do it myself.

besides:  RSS is an XML format specifically designed for what shimbun
is supposed to do.  i don't understand why it is growing popularity
all over the world rapidly, but not in japan.