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Re: sb-emacswiki.el / sb-spigel.el

On Sun, 09 May 2004 10:55:37 +0200 Markus Knittig wrote:

> Quote [ TSUCHIYA Masatoshi * 3903. September 1993 ]
>>> I've also create a shimbun modul for the emacswiki and spiegel.  This
>>> moduls doesn't use RSS. I think that's better.
>> May be, and may be not.
>> A module that does not depend on RSS can be more flexible than one
>> based on RSS.  For example, Spiegel Online provides the RSS that
>> contains only 10 articles, which are a quite small part of available
>> articles.  This means that you can lost some articles when more
>> articles than 10 have been published if you use a module based on RSS.
> Yep and you can not create a Date Header because Spiegel Online RSS
> has no creation informations for their articles.

I wrote spiegel shimbunthe when i have seen how easy it is with
sb-rss.el :) Parsing the html can be a pain.  But if someone else is
doing the work... :)

Markus:  have a look at my sb-spiegel.el.  Getting the page for
printing purpose instead of the "right" page works pretty well.
It contains all images, real hyperlinks and no ads or other junk.

>>> See
>>> <87zn8m4t7g.fsf@news.gentoo.b-j-t.de>
>>> for sb-emacswiki.el.
>> Because I do not use sb-emacswiki.el usually and do not have enough
>> knowledge about EmacsWiKi, I can not decide which approach is better.
>> Could you discuss about it, David and Markus?
> The RSS variant seem to be better because the feed of the emacswiki
> provide the same informations as the http site.

This might be interesting for users:  you can specify how much articles
the RSS Feed should contain (encoded in the URL).  See


I'll add a comment to the EmacsWiki that you can `setq'

>> By the way, I think that it is quite important for developers to post
>> their developing modules to this mailing list in order to avoid
>> duplication of work like this case.

No more shimbuns till my math exam :\