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Re: windows-1252

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08003] David Hansen wrote:

> What do you think?

> (defvar w3m-windows-1252-entities-alist
> (add-hook 'w3m-fontify-before-hook 'w3m-fix-fscked-latin-1)

It works fine to display the zeit.de pages in the *w3m* buffer.
I think it can be merged into emacs-w3m if there are many pages
pretending the charset is iso-8859-1 even if it is windows-1252.
However I'm not sure whether it is a right solution (I don't
feel like recognizing those extra data as iso-8859-1, though I'm
not familiar with the actual situation in the Latin world).  In
addition, it is not effective in the Gnus article buffer.

On the other hand, sb-fau.el provides shimbun-fau-coding-system,
which will be windows-1252 if it is available.  I prefer it
rather than to extend the iso-8859-1 decoding.  Even if the
fau.org pages aren't displayed correctly in the *w3m* buffer, it
can be helped by using the `C c' command.

Anyway, it should be decided how to do it by people in Europe. :)

The windows-1252 coding system can be provided even in Emacs 21
as follows (it's only a quick hack, should be much refined):

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