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Re: Suggest improve tool-bar

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09126] Leo wrote:

> I actually have deleted all xpm icons from Emacs's access.


> If you use 'display' from 'ImageMagick' to show FOO.png, you can see
> it is not transparent either. So it is not emacs's fault and I
> certainly wouldn't expect Emacs to have better graphic power than
> 'display' ;)

Hmm, `display' uses the transparent pattern for those backgrounds.
And the value of `w3m-toolbar-back-icon' surely contains PNG images.
That's a mystery.  Could anyone who uses LUCID Emacs also verify it?
The patch to w3m-e21.el is in the article [emacs-w3m:09099] and the
PNG icons are in:


Thanks in advance.