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Re: configure x xemacs

>>>>> Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

> No, I use 32-bit cygwin.  I found your patch in the XEmacs list
> and tried but didn't help.  

Strange. If I remember correctly, I have regularly built the trunk
version on 32-bit cygwin (on Windows 7) up to a few months ago. Then I
switched to 64-bit to try that out and possibly get that support into
the trunk. So no patch should be needed for 32-bit xemacs on
cygwin. If of interest I can double check this.

> Maybe it's due to the difference of the platforms(?).

What platform are you on?

> But my trouble is not only building XEmacs 21.5 on cygwin.  I'm
> unable to update cygwin for over a year, wow!  It might be high time
> to change the office machine. ;)

Aha. OK old version of cygwin could explain some issues.

%% Mats