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Re: Call for info writers

I've added three footnotes to the "Everybody likes tabs" section
as follows:

   (1) It's nobody's fault but Emacs 19 or 20 users cannot use tabs.

   (2) Although XEmacs shows all tabs in the same colors at
every moment, you can easily distinguish the selected tab and others and
see the status of the current page in the modeline.

   (3) Under XEmacs, favicons will currently not be shown in the tabs

In addition, I've changed the word "backend" to "back end".  In
gnus.texi, someone uses "back end", another uses "backend", and
the other changes "backend" to "back end" diligently.  I don't
know which is right, though. :-p

The Japanese translation has not been completed yet.  It will be
finished tomorrow hopefully.
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>