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Re: Call for info writers

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> writes:

> I've added three footnotes to the "Everybody likes tabs" section
> as follows:

>    (1) It's nobody's fault but Emacs 19 or 20 users cannot use tabs.

>    (2) Although XEmacs shows all tabs in the same colors at
> every moment, you can easily distinguish the selected tab and others and
> see the status of the current page in the modeline.

>    (3) Under XEmacs, favicons will currently not be shown in the tabs
> line.

Oops.  I don't use either Emacs 19, Emacs 20, or XEmacs, so...  Thanks.

> In addition, I've changed the word "backend" to "back end".  In
> gnus.texi, someone uses "back end", another uses "backend", and
> the other changes "backend" to "back end" diligently.  I don't
> know which is right, though. :-p

Hm, okay.  "back end" looks clumsy to me because it has a meaning
outside the computer world (it's the side of something that is not its
front, literally) whereas "backend" and "back-end" are more
computer-talk, I think.  Do as you like.  :)

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