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Re: windows-1252

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08016] Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:

> Today I've changed nnrss.el in the Gnus CVS repository so that
> it may use the windows-1252 coding system if it is available as
> a substitute for iso-8859-1 [1].  And then, I tried the same way
> in emacs-w3m.  It seems to go well so far.  Although it requires
> that windows-1252 is available, it can be provided even in Emacs
> 21 using ARISAWA Akihiro's codepage-ex.el.

I've committed those changes in the CVS trunk.  However,
shimbun-fau-coding-system is still necessary since the fau.org
site doesn't specify the content charset.

In addition, I've synch'd shimbun-rss-find-el with Gnus so as to
make sb-laut-de.el work.  It works now, however I feel there are
many garbage in shimbun articles especially in the laut-de.news
group.  I cannot discriminate between significant ones and
others since I don't read German, though.  Could anyone look
into it?