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Re: key remapping

Max <maxim.suraev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Ok, that's really confusing - is there some manual which I can go
> through?

I guess http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/info/emacs-w3m.html is the official

> Session is a w3m-buffer cause open in new tab is actually
> open-in-new-session but it's also a session like in firefox cause you
> can save list of opened tabs with save-session...

Yes, it's a bit confusing.  But I think you already know everything
important about it.  "session" has a similar meaning as in other
browsers, but sometimes, it is also used as suffix ...-new-session
meaning "in a new w3m buffer".  It's not unambiguous, but there are
other words that are not unambiguous as well...

> Which is the function to open new (empty) tab for instance?

I think `w3m-goto-new-session-url'.  But probably most people do just