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Re: Remaining TODOs to finish migration from CVS to Git

> Great points Vladimir, but why did you wait so many months, until after
> the work was done, in order to offer your input?

When I suggested moving the CVS repository to git, I did not mention
or recommend GitHub, Gitlab, or any other 3rd party hosting service.
I am surprised that this is what happened. You do not need 3rd party
hosting services to use git. In fact, hosting a git repository
requires less configuration and administration than hosting the old
CVS repository.

> method); 3) there's nothing 'private' about the project for github
> privacy to be an issue, and while the old system of using a mailing list
> exposes your email address to everyone world-wide, posting to github
> does not.

GitHub is owned by Microsoft, which has an extensive tracking system
spread over JavaScript included in many web pages (via ASP), over
Bing and its advertising network, in Exchange email clients and
servers, Office and Sharepoint software, and is now even built in to
the Windows operating system.

> Here I do disagree, Vladimir. It's much easier to track issues and
> patches on any form of board, even if its just forum software, than on a
> mailing list.

That is a personal opinion. I find that with a proper email client (I
use mu4e) email works much better, especially if you have been
involved in a project for a long time.