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Re: Remaining TODOs to finish migration from CVS to Git

>> On Mon, 4 Feb 2019 15:04:15 -0500
>> boruch_baum@xxxxxxx (Boruch Baum) said as follows:

>> Boruch, can you proceed the negotiations with MELPA?  I do not have
>> enough time because I am so busy to overcome the end of the fiscal year
>> (in Japan, March is the end of the fiscal year).

>Jonas never did respond to me, so just now I mad the pull-request for
>the change.

> https://github.com/Boruch-Baum/melpa/pull/1

>If anyone is interested in tracking developments, log into github,
>navigate to the above link, and select 'watch' (the button on the upper
>right with the eye icon). If the project wants notifications for that PR
>to automatically be posted to the mailing list, one way would be to log
>into github with an account that uses the mailing list as its email, and
>do the same.

I added the configuration to forward conversations on your above
repository to this mailing list.

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi