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Re: Feature inquiries

Matt Hodges <MPHodges@member.fsf.org> wrote:
>>>>>> David Hansen writes:
>  > From my ~/.emacs (search the emacswiki for type ahead mode):
>  >   (defun dh-w3m-mode-hook ()
>  >     (w3m-type-ahead-minor-mode 1)
>  >     (define-key w3m-mode-map (kbd "/") 'w3m-type-ahead)
>  >     (define-key w3m-mode-map (kbd "M-/") 'w3m-type-ahead-new-session)
> Note that with the latest code, available at:
>     https://alioth.debian.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=30594
> this would be (w3m-type-ahead-mode 1), and this automatically sets up
> a minor-mode map with / bound to w3m-type-ahead and M-/ bound to
> w3m-type-ahead-regexp.  To create a new session, use a prefix argument
> of C-u 2 or C-u C-u.  (Information at www.emacswiki.org updated.)

Nice to hear from you straight away. That gives me the opportunity to
ask you something regarding your package.
Would it be possible to implement w3m-type-ahead-internal in a way
such that the cursor doesn't go to the minibuffer but stays in the w3m
window and indicates the current match - just like the original
I-Search does? Is there a particular reason that this behaviour hasn't
been adopted from I-Search? I'm just asking because I'm visually
impaired and therefore using a braille terminal. Technically it is
much easier to bind the teerminal to the system cursor than a
particular soft cursor indicated by yet another colour. Since the
terminal displays only half a line of the screen, I'd rather like it
to show me the current match than the minibuffer.
However, I recognise, of course, that I'm certainly in a minority and
if there are good reasons for the current behaviour, I will certainly
accept them. In this case I would be very grateful if someone could
give me a hint how I can patch my local version to adjust it to my
needs - I'm not really expreienced in lisp programming and therefore
don't even know where to start.

By the way, wouldn't it be a good idea to add something like
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))

since ordinary (debian) user like me don't generally have cl loaded
once they start w3m?