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Feature inquiries (was: Re: Problems withrefresh)

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> wrote:
>>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07725] Elias Oltmanns wrote:
>> Three more things though:
>> 1. Is there an easy way to move in an emacs-w3m buffer freely,
>> i.e. not hopping from anchor to anchor, in order to move point to an
>> url which isn't anchored, for instance?
> Use mouse.;-)  Joking aside, do you mean to make the tab key move
> the point to not only anchors but also text which looks like url?
> I think it might be useful in some pages, but there's not yet.  To
> introduce it, we will have to change the RET key's behavior so as to
> visit the url even if it is not anchored.

Actually I didn't mean to go that far. Since this behaviour is not
what you normally want but can be quite desirable in some cases, I
thought it might be possible to introduce a function that toggles the
key bindings of the arrow keys between emacs-w3m behaviour and simple
movement commands as they are common in emacs buffers. That way one
could move to an arbitrary place in the buffer and press either enter
if point is at an anchor, or call browse-url-at-point if its just an
url but not an anchor. This way it would also be easy to copy parts of
a webpage into the kill ring in order to use them in another buffer -
everything without a mouse, I might stress here as I don't use any.

Another thing I'd like to know is how I can get emacs-w3m to make use
of my mailcap files. Does emacs-w3m even bother parsing mime types
like audio/* or similar? I've installed the current cvs version of
emacs-w3m, gnus v5.10.7 with its mime package and in addition I
installed flim 1.14.6 after I failed to get it working without
it. Unfortunately this didn't fix the problem.