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Re: Problems with refresh

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07725] Elias Oltmanns wrote:

> Three more things though:

> 1. Is there an easy way to move in an emacs-w3m buffer freely,
> i.e. not hopping from anchor to anchor, in order to move point to an
> url which isn't anchored, for instance?

Use mouse.;-)  Joking aside, do you mean to make the tab key move
the point to not only anchors but also text which looks like url?
I think it might be useful in some pages, but there's not yet.
To introduce it, we will have to change the RET key's behavior so
as to visit the url even if it is not anchored.  Is there anyone
who want to implement it?  Anyway, adding new features should be
done after the next release.

> 2. How can I restrict the space used to show the buffer title in the
> mode line? Often I'd rather like to see the line number and percentage
> on the right hand side than having everything pushed out of sight by
> long urls.

There's not yet, too.  But I think it is necessary to do it in
the near future.

> 3. What exactly determines which sites that require cookie support
> work with emacs-w3m and which don't? In particular, I'm regurlarly
> using a certain website which works fine with w3m but doesn't with
> emacs-w3m. Several other sites facilitating cookies seemingly work
> fine with emacs-w3m.

That's a depression to me too.  I cannot part with Firefox for
it, and I don't want to do an important contract with emacs-w3m
(I have shopped several times, though ;-).  What I can say is
only that it will probably be improved in the future.  Anyone?