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Re: Shimbun Basics

"clemens fischer" <ino-qc@spotteswoode.de.eu.org> writes:
> yes, you can save a page, but did yozu also try to save any other than
> the frontpage?  i'm not sue about your emacs-w3m version, if it
> already contains the workaround for this problem, but you knpow only
> once trying to edit and save other pages.  this particilar bug makes
> every save go to the "unnamed" or default page:  the first one.

I did not experience any problems (except that I have to R reload the page
to see the new version).

> ok, i'll try it later.  thanks for the tip.  does it keep the rest of
> emacs-w3m working?  is it committed to CVS?

I'm no w3m developer, so it is not included in the cvs. I don't think
that it alter the rest of w3m but it is provided "as is" ;-)