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Re: URLのエコ ー

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07992] 土屋さん wrote:

> この時,w3m-show-decoded-url の defcustom のドキュメントは更新してあっ
> たのですが,texinfo のドキュメントを更新することを忘れていたことに気付
> きました….なので,emacs-w3m-1.4.4 の w3m-show-decoded-url の説明はバ
> グってます.申し訳ない.

えーと、ぼくは Info を更新しましたが、その後でさらに変化がありま

     Non-nil means show decoded URIs in the echo area, the balloon, etc.
     This variable can take one of the following five kinds of forms:

       1. t

          Decode URIs using the encoding assumed by the default
          presumption rule based on the priority list including the
          encoding used to decode the current page and the value of

       2. Coding system

          Decode URIs using this value.

       3. List of coding systems

          Decode URIs using the encoding assumed based on this list.

       4. Alist of predicates and forms described below:

          Each element looks like the `(PREDICATE . ENCODING)' form.
          `PREDICATE' should be a regexp, a function or a Lisp form, and
          `ENCODING' should be one of the forms described here
          excluding this form.  If `PREDICATE' is a regexp, it will be
          tested whether it matches to the current url.  If it is a
          function, it will be called with no argument.  If it is a
          Lisp form, it will be simply evaluated.  Elements are tested
          in turn until the result of the test of the predicate is true
          and the encoding which is associated to the predicate is used
          for decoding URIs.

       5. nil

          Don't decode URIs.